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Lovetrodden: The Language of Love Undone

As maybe you know, the Internet is home to hundreds of online dating services aimed at introducing American men to women in foreign countries — women whose grasp of the English language is, let’s just say, still in the developmental phase.

Join LOVETRODDEN and receive a once-daily Tweet featuring an unedited snippet from a foreign online ad or correspondence with a woman overseas. Some quotes are taken from personal profiles; others are conversational snippets from actual text-message conversations.


“I am a robust. Do not shrink me unless you can.”

“Are you the man for kindness and also to ride horses? Mostly I just weep.”

“In loving, our animals form a top principal, and there is nothing for me on television.”

The posts more or less speak for themselves, but the best of them seem to share their own strange internal logic and rhythm. It’s Janglish with a richer context and syntax. We the curators at Lovetrodden put great care into the culling and disseminating of these exquisite poetic fragments.


“Gentle and honest make love. I am ready to operate all my teeth together.”



(Lovetrodden logo design by Pasquale Smittori)

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