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Lovetrodden: The Language of Love Undone

As maybe you know, the Internet is home to hundreds of online dating services aimed at introducing American men to women in foreign countries — women whose grasp of the English language is, let’s just say, still in the developmental phase.

Join LOVETRODDEN and receive a once-daily Tweet featuring an unedited snippet from a foreign online ad or correspondence with a woman overseas. Some quotes are taken from personal profiles; others are conversational snippets from actual text-message conversations.


“I am a robust. Do not shrink me unless you can.”

“In loving, our animals form a top principal, and there is nothing for me on television.”

“I am already practical. If you kiss me, I will tow you into a starship.”

“I like the clean white look with shapely bloodlines. I mostly do not come around.”

“The love, like a natural lamp, touches me and I wake up angry. I plan to have a baby until it is born.”

“Please tell me the opinion. I will carry you a hug onion.”

The posts more or less speak for themselves, but the best of them seem to share their own strange internal logic and rhythm. It’s Janglish with a richer context and syntax. We the curators at Lovetrodden put great care into the culling and disseminating of these exquisite poetic fragments.


“Gentle and honest make love. I am ready to operate all my teeth together.”

“I like forest, brook, reading, wonderful music, and movies like cock.”

“Are you the man for kindness and also to ride horses? Mostly I just weep.”



(Lovetrodden logo design by Pasquale Smittori)

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